The Chain by Adrian McKinty Review

The money isn’t important it’s about the chain. When your child is kidnapped the “chain” force you to kidnap someone else’s child. When their parents kidnap a child your will be returned if not they will die

This book was a very interesting new premise that I have never heard before so I was really looking forward to reading this book.

part one did not disappoint it was gripping and unpredictable. Alot of interesting character building without unnecessary discription. The main characters were very easy to relate to and I felt for them.

part two was still really good but more predictable and clique but not in a way that made it boring it was still interesting and the ending was good but could lead on to a new book which would be good

overall definitely a book I’d recommend.

4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating goodreads

The Best of Friends By Lucinda Berry Review

Three friends and 3 sons. One is dead one is in a coma and one won’t speak what happened that awful night? The mothers are determined to find out.

I absolutely adored this book it hooked me in from the start. A mystery that i couldn’t have guessed the ending.

I love the multiple points of views, They each gave a unique perspective on the mystery. Each character had their own story as well which tied together nicely. Each mother thought they knew their son so well but everyone keeps secrets.

The LGBT representation was very well done and true to life. Teenage sexuality can be a complicated thing and Lucinda Berry describes it in the best way. She doesn’t mock or discriminate. The subject was handled in a very open minded and respectful way.

The ending was very open which worked well because it left you guessing and the final plot twist blew my mind. Hopefully there will be a second book

Goodreads rating 5⭐

All the ugly and wonderful things review

This book is about Kellen who in his 20s and Wavy who starts of at I think the age of about 8. They meet and fall in love and other drama.

I don’t know how to write this review. I finished this yesterday afternoon and was thinking about it all night and still don’t know how to feel about it.

So here goes… this story is highly controversial because Wavy is a child and Kellen is a adult but their backstories and their lives mean you are kind of happy that they met each other at the time they did.

Some scenes are hard to read and awkward and uncomfortable but others are sweet and cute. I laughed I cried I went thru so many emotions.

I still don’t know how I feel about this book. It was good, well written and not unnecessarily graphic. It truly gets you thinking about what is right and wrong.

It ended perfectly in the way it rounded off and everything tied together nicely.

All I can really say is you have to read it to understand it.

Good reads rating 5 ⭐

The Silent Patient Review

The silent patient is about exactly that it about a women in a psychiatric hospital who refuses to speak. The day she stopped talking was the day she shot her husband five times in the face and nobody knows why she did it or do they?

We follow the story from the narrative of the therapist helping her to regain and voice and give her side of the story. He is determined that if anyone can get her to talk he can. We get to see into his life and how that it spiralling outside of work. He is married and believes his wife might be cheating.

This book gripped me in from the very first page and I couldn’t put it down until i had finished it. Its under 500 pages so I read in a roughly 9 hour sitting.

The themes of the book are of course dark as most psychological thrillers are but they are done in such a way that your imagination feels in the gaps there is no unnecessary gore.

The character include the other workers at the hospital and of course the other patients. Each character has a very unique personality that you can really connect with on many different levels. I found that there was a meaning in these characters personalities that everyone has the possibility of being “mental” that no one is safe from mental illness and that someones experiences with mental health may be different but they all are valid and they call come about for different reasons. Each personality and life shapes peoples minds not always for the better.

As most Thriller there was of course a plot twist. This plot twist i found was very shocking and unexpected. I had my theories as to how the book would end and what the outcome would be. Nothing could of prepared me for the twist. I could of guessed a million times and never would of got the ending. I loved this because a lot of books on the market are very predictable and this book keeps you guessing until the last page.

The last page was very open ended so you get the chance to think for yourself how you think the rest of the story would go. So many possibilities.

I gave this book a goodreads rating of 5 stars because i couldn’t find a fault with it. Highly recommend